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Grounded Spiritual 


Stacey Hollowood
Spiritual Healer & Guide

 Stacey is a Certified Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience, Reiki Master, Timeline Therapist, NLP Coach & Co-Author of Intuitive Living, based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Stacey is a multifaceted practitioner, healer & guide to bring healing to your life across all levels. Her offerings & rituals are for those seeking a deep holistic level of body, mind & spirit relaxation.

She has a strong connection to her intuition & psychic empath abilities which deepens her level of work, encouraging & empowering her clients to release toxic energy that limits their expression & experience by guiding them back home to themselves. 


⊹ Winter Warmers ⊹

The winter season is particularly suited for embracing the void. The void is a state of not doing, not having & not knowing.


It's a place of emptiness & of stillness. We may experience the void as a peaceful state of acceptance & surrender or resistance, resisting the ebb & flow of change.

When we stop struggling against emptiness, the void becomes a fertile place of limitless possibilities. Instead of scrambling for something to fill the void, we do better to use these times for dreaming, listening & healing.

Is there something within you that needs deep grounding & deep connection back to earth?


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A journey to ultimate relaxation with long, flowing movements & therapeutic techniques at various levels of pressure.

Designed to align vital energy centers, balance emotions & release stress & anxiety.


Portrait of beautiful young woman having clay body mask apply by beautician. Detox ritual.

This deeply nourishing and embracing ritual features a full-body exfoliation, mud therapy wrap, and hydrating massage. 

⊹ Salt is considered a great neutraliser, it cleanses, heals & balances energy while repelling negative vibrations.


⊹ Coffee is a powerful plant that has incredible healing abilities, it is very, very, very grounding & works with the Sacral & Root Charkas. Using a coffee scrub protects your energetic boundaries & breaks old patterning & energetic blocks that can be tied to negative emotions.


⊹Mud represents our connection back to the earth & life force energy, for without earth no life grows.


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