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Grounded Spiritual 


Stacey Hollowood
Spiritual Healer & Guide

 Stacey is a certified Timeline Therapist, NLP Coach & Reiki Master, based in Melbourne, Australia. 

This is your invitation to be guided & supported through all life's ebbs & flows to help you unlock any emotions or energy that have been stored or trapped, leaving you feeling empowered & embodied throughout your healing journey. 

Experiencing her own deep healing journey (the journey never ends!), Stacey has a vast amount of wisdom to share so you can rediscover the beauty that this life has to offer.



Powerful Journey

Emotional Release

Emotions are teachers, each holds a vibrational quality & frequency. We experience emotions to signal & inform our body.


You may find that you have not yet learned how to process the information of the emotion in your body, which means it gets stored and trapped. We might understand the emotion mentally but healing doesn’t happen in the mind, it happens in the body!

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