Meet Stacey

Stacey Hollowood
Massage/Cupping, Reiki & Timeline Therapist

Stacey is a multifaceted practitioner to bring healing to your life across all levels. Stacey is a qualified Sports & Neuromuscular Cupping Therapist, Reiki Master, Timeline Therapist & NLP Practitioner on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne.  She has a strong connection to her intuition which deepens her level of work.

She is the founder of Wyld Chyld Healing & her work has been recognized & featured in Peninsula Essence Magazine August 2021 Edition.  

Stacey provides a therapeutic touch with her bodywork & has a strong understanding of resolving pain patterns. She very much appreciates being able to work with the whole person & brings so much more than bodywork to the table, meaning she does not limit her sessions to working only with the muscular system. Her advanced training in Reiki, NLP & Timeline Therapy allows her to incorporate emotional integration & trauma is worked with, in addition to the biomechanical issues which can cause pain.

She has an attuned touch & does not need to work the body under extreme pressure to achieve long-lasting results. Her work is perfect for those who like to be able to address all possible roots of their pain & enjoy their sessions without feeling sore the next day, allowing you to feel more connected to your body.