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Embrace the New Lunar Cycle.

Welcome to the Manifesting with the Moon, a beautiful experience designed to align your mind, body, and spirit with the rhythms of the lunar cycle.


This small group of 3 people offers an opportunity to connect with the moon's energy, drink ceremonial cacao, and harness the power of moon manifesting oracle cards to guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

Cacao & Moon Connection:
We begin with the ancient tradition of drinking ceremonial cacao, a heart-opening elixir that enhances our spiritual connection and opens the doors to deeper insights. As we sip this divine beverage, we'll set our intentions and create a sacred space to attune ourselves to the moon's gentle influence.

New Moon Stillness & Rest:
Embracing the new moon's energy, which symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts, we'll take this time to simply be and rest. Under the darkness of the new moon, you'll find solace, space, and an opportunity to release any emotional baggage, stress, or worries that may be hindering your growth.

Moon Manifesting Oracle Cards:
On the new moon, at the start of the lunar cycle, each participant will receive four cards, one for each moon phase that occurs about a week apart. These cards hold the wisdom of the moon's cycles and offer guidance, tools, and mindset techniques to aid you in manifesting your desires and goals. As you work with these cards throughout the lunar cycle, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your intentions, allowing you to navigate the journey of manifestation with clarity and purpose.

  Join Us:
Spaces for Manifesting with the Moon are limited to ensure an intimate and personalised experience. Be sure to reserve your spot early and embark on this extraordinary journey of healing and empowerment.

 Upcoming Events:

Full Moon - SUNDAY 29TH OCT 10 AM

Last Quarter Moon - SUNDAY 5TH NOV 1 PM

First Quarter Moon - SUNDAY 19TH NOV 1 PM

New Moon - WEDNESDAY 13TH DEC 5:30 PM

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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