Timeline Therapy Process

The unconscious mind is the blueprint for 90-95% of your existence. Each point within your cellular memory contains all the information about your energetic expression. This information is infinitely accessible, comprised of physical, mental & emotional data that comes from all of your life experiences, genetic heritage, & past generations. Nothing we experience escapes being imprinted in the form of a cell memory.

This is why years after something happened we still react in the same way as if it had happened yesterday. All our conscious & unconscious patterns of behaviour are connected to cellular memory.

Timeline Therapy is a unique process during which the client is guided to a place where they can become aware of & change emotional patterns that have held them back. It is a transformative process to heal your past & clear limiting beliefs, so you can fully own your self-worth & consciously create your future.

⊹ This process works in two in-depth sessions or a 6 Week Program ⊹

This process is designed to bring awareness to emotional patterns created in the past. I will talk you through an exploration of core beliefs & patterns, & also look at your boundaries in terms of how you interact with the world around you. 

Energy Exchange: 

60 Mins - $50

This process involves taking you into a meditative state in which you are completely aware & in tune with all your senses. Whilst in this meditative state you will journey into your body & allow your body wisdom to pick up on areas that are holding low-quality emotions/limiting beliefs. Once you have found an area, we bring your awareness to the emotion that is sitting in the area of the body you are in. As the emotion is felt, we ask where the root cause is in the timeline & you are transported to a time & place that you felt that emotion & the memory attached to that time & place is discovered. From there we work on gaining the lessons to disconnect from the pattern this has created & been playing out in your current life. Through the process you will release & replace these negative patterns, leaving you more empowered, present & free from the past.

Most clients have amazing realisations of the higher perspective of what these experiences have meant in their growth here & also for those that were involved with them. Often we have blamed others & events, yet here we can see them for what they are today.

You will come away feeling LIGHTER & as though you now have a space inside that is empty, yet light. This release starts activating huge changes in your life as you start creating NEW experiences not repeating what you have done all your life up to this moment. It is the most amazing feeling to know & feel that you have released the pain, illness/disease, or trauma that you have played out all your life. 

Energy Exchange: 

90 Mins - $150

120 Mins - $180

Discovery Call
Timeline Therapy

"I have tried other therapies and I was left still needing more, unfulfilled until I did timeline therapy! Working with Stacey was amazing. I felt completely safe with Stacey, to be who I am meant to be and to get to the root cause of past traumas and events and to learn from them. I see them now as lessons. I am more spiritually aware and keen to open myself up to the universe now. I am starting to feel happy and at peace finally. Thank you Stacey for your safe haven, love, encouragement, and support. I can’t wait for the future. I now love and accept myself and realise anything is possible!!!"

— Lee-Anne

“I had my first timeline therapy session today, and it was amazing, to say the least.

It was definitely not what I was expecting but it was such a great experience. Personally having a very overactive mind it was challenging to just let the mind free but with stacey there guiding me through the process made it so much easier. I feel like I’ve already made huge steps only in my first session, I’m so excited for this journey!”

— Kira 

“Oh my Goodness !! I had to share.

I had my 1st Timeline Therapy Session today and to say I was anxious beforehand was an understatement !!!!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect .. Well !!! Wasn’t I in for a  surprise. Stacey was so kind, calm & supportive throughout .. I have walked out of this session feeling like I’m breathing to live instead of just breathing to survive .. It’s a surreal feeling I must say ..  

All my doubts and anxieties about this Therapy have now been replaced with a peculiar yearning & excitement looking forward to the next step of my journey ..
Can't wait for my next session
(Wish it was next week already) 

Thank you Stacey for being truly wonderful”

— Jacqui 

“Stace! Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks! Every week going into it I haven’t known what to expect, but since starting I’ve seen so many small wins for myself that I didn’t think I’d overcome. I’m still learning and got stuff to sort but you’ve made me feel very comfortable with the fact I can reach out to you whenever I need you! Thank you for always being at the ready outside of session times to help with small day-to-day things. Timeline therapy has defiantly changed my life already and I’m sure I’ll continue to see lots more small wins in the future! Your a special person with such an amazing gift to be able to help others be the best version of themselves!”

— Mikaela