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Full Moon Fire Ceremony

For eons, people have been gathering around a

fire at the full moon to vision, imagine and create

through their waking dreams.

When the moon is full it is a wonderful time to use the energy to release anything that is ready to fall away. To loosen your grip on anything that is no longer in alignment.

This Full Moon Fire Ceremony is a shamanic fire ceremony which involves chanting an ancient chant and it can be done either alone or with a group of people.


• A fire

• Something to offer to the fire

• A stick or a stone to throw into the fire to represent what you are letting go of

• A shamanic rattle, drum or sticks (optional)


STEP ONE Find a stick or a stone to represent what you are ready to let go of.

STEP TWO Light your fire.

STEP THREE Offer something to the fire (this could be a flower, olive oil, flour, leaves - be creative).

STEP FOUR Either sing your favourite chant or use a drum or a rattle to create a beat while you invoke what you are ready to release.

STEP FIVE Hold the stick or stone up to your mouth and use your breath to blow into the stick what you are ready to let go of. When you feel ready, release your stone or stick into the fire.

STEP SIX Take your moment by the fire and say a prayer from the centre of your heart.

STEP SEVEN Continue singing until you feel complete.

STEP EIGHT Be open to the occurrences and shifts in your life between now and the new moon.

Thank you for supporting me in releasing (insert your request here) in a way that supports all. May I be like the Great Serpent and shed my skin all at once. With you all as my witness, I choose now to surrender to the magnificent flow of all of life. Under your potent glow and holding I release what is no longer serving in order to create space so that what is truly rising in me may be able to rise with ease and grace. May I loosen my grip and open my heart. May I release all that is no longer a vibrational match. May my heart be open, stretched, and full. May my arms and mind stay open so that what is on its way can arrive swiftly. May my mouth be used as a vehicle of truth, integrity and peace. May my deepest prayers be heard and my heart held by the mysterious force that simply is. Most of all, may I surrender to the magnificent life that is truly mine to live.
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