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Timeline Therapy Program
Free Yourself from Past Emotions

Timeline therapy is a therapeutic approach that helps people understand and change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by exploring their personal timeline. Imagine your life as a timeline, where different events and experiences are placed in chronological order.

During timeline therapy, individuals are guided to revisit specific moments in their past that may have influenced their present state. By exploring these events, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how past experiences have shaped their beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

The therapy aims to help individuals release negative emotions and limiting beliefs associated with past experiences. It provides techniques to reframe and reinterpret those events, allowing for healing and personal growth.


Please email me below to organise a FREE consultation before going ahead with any programs.

SESSION 1: Introduction & Awareness

  • Introduction to the therapy program and its objectives.
  • Emotional inventory to identify key emotions from the past.


SESSION 2: Anger & Sadness Release

  • Release and transform anger and sadness associated with past experiences.


SESSION 3: Fear & Hurt Transformation

  • Transform fear and hurt into resilience and empowerment.


SESSION 4: Guilt & Shame Resolution

  • Resolve guilt and shame associated with past actions or experiences.


SESSION 5: Emotional Integration & Resilience

  • Integrate the healing process and cultivate emotional resilience.

  • Explore ways to maintain emotional balance and respond effectively to future challenges.


SESSION 6: Program Reflection

  • Reflect on the overall progress and transformation experienced during the therapy program.
  • Address any remaining emotions or concerns that may require further attention.

  • Discuss strategies for maintaining emotional well-being beyond the program.

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"I have tried other therapies and I was left still needing more, unfulfilled until I did timeline therapy! Working with Stacey was amazing. I felt completely safe with Stacey, to be who I am meant to be and to get to the root cause of past traumas and events and to learn from them. I see them now as lessons. I am more spiritually aware and keen to open myself up to the universe now. I am starting to feel happy and at peace finally. Thank you Stacey for your safe haven, love, encouragement, and support. I can’t wait for the future. I now love and accept myself and realise anything is possible!!!"

— Lee-Anne

“I had my first timeline therapy session today, and it was amazing, to say the least.

It was definitely not what I was expecting but it was such a great experience. Personally having a very overactive mind it was challenging to just let the mind free but with stacey there guiding me through the process made it so much easier. I feel like I’ve already made huge steps only in my first session, I’m so excited for this journey!”

— Kira 

“Oh my Goodness !! I had to share.

I had my 1st Timeline Therapy Session today and to say I was anxious beforehand was an understatement !!!!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect .. Well !!! Wasn’t I in for a  surprise. Stacey was so kind, calm & supportive throughout .. I have walked out of this session feeling like I’m breathing to live instead of just breathing to survive .. It’s a surreal feeling I must say ..  

All my doubts and anxieties about this Therapy have now been replaced with a peculiar yearning & excitement looking forward to the next step of my journey ..
Can't wait for my next session
(Wish it was next week already) 

Thank you Stacey for being truly wonderful”

— Jacqui 

“Stace! Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks! Every week going into it I haven’t known what to expect, but since starting I’ve seen so many small wins for myself that I didn’t think I’d overcome. I’m still learning and got stuff to sort but you’ve made me feel very comfortable with the fact I can reach out to you whenever I need you! Thank you for always being at the ready outside of session times to help with small day-to-day things. Timeline therapy has defiantly changed my life already and I’m sure I’ll continue to see lots more small wins in the future! Your a special person with such an amazing gift to be able to help others be the best version of themselves!”

— Mikaela  

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